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Well it’s been a long time in the planning with lots of trial and error, but here it is – the official (as opposed to one of those “unauthorised biographies”) Joyess Blog! You may have visited the previous Joyess Designs website, or you may have popped over to the Small Change Big Changes blog at some time, but look no further – all that great stuff is now in one (less confusing for both you and me!) place!

So who or what IS Joyess? Good question!

Joyess actually started in 2008 with me (Jess) and my great friend Hailey-Joy… see what we did there? “Joy” from her name and “ess” from mine = Joyess. Clever clogs. Hails and I had a vision to create high quality, affordable, original items of clothing for women and children. We had some minor success selling things on Etsy (go there if you haven’t – it’s the best online market ever, and it never rains there!) but really it was just about having a great time creating things together. Priorities changed and Joyess went on the backburner for both of us. My husband, Chad (no. stop picturing a buff, blonde American footballer) and I moved to London for 9 months and while we were there I started growing 2 things – one, a baby in my belly, and two – a new found love for all things design – particularly fashion and graphic.

being totally natural and normal with hails (the blonde) and our bestie mia

with chad on a cold autumn day in london

On our return to Sydney our lives changed massively with the birth of our crazy yet v. loveable son Jonty (now 20months). I took on the new challenge of being a stay-at-home mum, but my crazy brain needed something else than nappies and feeds and laundry rolling around in it. I started making small bits and bobs here and there for friends and also flexed my graphic design muscles with some custom invitations and party printables. Things have slowly grown and developed and in the quiet times, when I’m not chasing Jonty through the house and around the shops and across the road int he park and and and and… I love finding my creativity in clothes and graphics.

here's little jonty- you'll no doubt here much more about this terror

The exciting development along the way has been joining forces with another excellent friend – Tina – and launching Joyess Images. Tina picked up her first DSLR camera just about the time I fell pregnant and who knew – we were both growing babies! Although hers was far less dirty and less literal – hers was the most amazing photographic skills. Seriously. The most natural I have ever seen. My photos are only near good because of Tina – she taught me everything I know about photography (seriously, like even.. “so… this is the button you press to take the photo”), and so it’s been an honour and a privilege to begin this amazing branch of Joyess with her.

some of my fav images from one of the first shoots tina and i did together


The ethos of Joyess – be it threads, designs or images – has always been the same – high quality, affordable, original.

So this blog is the journey of the first two bits – Joyess Threads – clothes for women and kids and Joyess Designs – custom invites, party printables and birth announcements.

a sneak peek at a party package i've been working on

two in the latest autumn range - see more on facebook


I hope you enjoy the journey with me and I apologise in advance for any (many) times when I just babble.

jess x

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