embracing the camera

You may have seen this post a week or so ago. I’ve been thinking that I should make this more than a one off, so I’m going to try to embrace the camera (and grace your screens.. lucky you!) every Monday. It may turn into every second Monday, but I’d like to try weekly for a bit. The whole idea of this is not to get my ugly mug on the internet, but more to encourage me to take photos of me (and for that matter Chad as well) with Jonty.

I encourage you to make sure you take as many piccies with your loved ones as you can. If like me you are always behind the camera, then getting in front of it is scary, BUT it’s worth it for all the people who love you!

To read more about this great idea and if you have a blog to be even more involved, jump over here to the anderson crew where it was all started.

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