the home tour begins!

So Chad and I have moved five times in our four years of marriage – crazy times! We have owned places before, but in December of this year we bought our first HOUSE! We spent the first 6 or so weeks after we got the keys having walls ripped out, kitchen put in, new bathroom, new paint – whatever we could afford! Which then meant once the basics were all done there wasn’t much money left for the decorating. Fortunately we already had some great pieces of furniture, but ¬†otherwise I’ve had to get creative and resourceful. Today begins the tour of a real house that real people live in that like nice things, but don’t want to spend a lot on them! Sometimes when you’ve spent time ¬†rather than money acquiring things for your house that’s when it becomes a home. Hope you’re inspired along this journey to make and do in your own home.

Today I’ll invite you into our bedroom.

Upon purchasing the house this is the master bedroom that greeted us… very.. umm.. blue.

A few thousand coats of Dulux Hogbristle quarter strength (the colour we used throughout the whole house) and voila!

Luckily the built in wardrobes were already here, saving us about $700. I know mirrored doors are debatable, but they really work in this room to open it up and bounce tons of light around the room.

This cedar chest of drawers has done the rounds in my family. Originally found in an old house on a property my parents bought, then used in our holiday house for decades, then stripped and restored by my brother and finally landed with me. I love it and Dad loves to tell me when he’s seen one for an obscene amount of money in an antique store somewhere. Don’t worry Dad, I won’t be selling this one! The vase and flowers were a thank you pressie from a friend. I loooove this vase!

The lacey cushion came from a charity shop for $2, the grey flower cushion came from KMart for $5 and the yellow one, well.. that was a $30 splurge!

This crocheted blanket is one of my favourite things in the room – I found it at a local charity shop, about to be made into rags and rescued it for $2. I couldn’t let some poor Grandma’s hard work be turned into rags!

Yes I KNOW everyone has the “Keep Calm” posters now, but I was particularly proud of this little artwork – I found a “Keep Calm” tea towel in a bargain store for $4 and wrapped it round a $2 canvas. Not bad for $6 eh? The two frames (and the one above on the chest of drawers) I found in a charity shop for – $3 for the set, and the W and & were only $2ea because they were scuffed and marked. They cleaned up like new!

So here endeth the first room tour. More to come soon!

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rebekah - So simple and tidy! I love this! Can’t wait to see the rest of your pad… :)

jozen - oooohhh! so pretty! we just moved in december too, and our home needs LOTS more stuff! but the hubs and i know that it will take us a little time to fill it, but we are more than happy to wait because we want to fill it with items we LOVE and not just because!

OnePerfectDay - What a great room!
Everythings so pretty and it all works together!

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