Garden Party and a special mention

I’ve just started work on designing the printed elements of a garden party for a little sweetie’s 1st birthday. For me, the design process nearly always starts with the invite. Once that’s set all the other elements seems to fall very easily into place.

Here it is all packaged up ready for collection. I love how simple string and a cute tag add a whimsical touch to wrapping. Maybe it’s the lyrics “…brown paper packages tied up with string..” that make us all (well girls mostly!) get all sentimental when we see things wrapped this way!
In other news, last night I came home from a lovely dinner out with friends and thought I’d just quickly jump onto the Joyess Facebook Page to see what people were up to and I was amazed to see that my new friend Angela of Yes, Dear had written a rather lovely and glowing review of Joyess Threads on Shop Contemporary Homemade. It was such a genuine surprise that I sat there with my mouth open for probably a little too long. Anyone of you that sits at home writing your own blogs and making your own crafty things is probably a lot like me – you do it because you love it and if someone notices and buys stuff, then it’s a bonus. This was definitely more than a bonus for this girl!

Thanks so much Ange and everyone, make sure you jump over and check out her blog, It’s a great read!


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Sara - I just had to tell you that the invites look amazing and I love the whole string idea – GORGEOUS!!

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