Doily tags

The obsession with doilies continues… I recently whipped these tags up and would love some opinions on them. I’m thinking of selling these and some other designs on Etsy… $8 for a set of 6. Thoughts?  Too much? Too little? Not interesting enough to want to buy at all?

I think they look as cute from the back as they do from the front! In case it’s a bit tricky to see there is a cute sewn line at the bottom of each tag too. What is it about sewing paper that is so whimsical and cute? I love it!

Just in case you thought “tags ? What on earth would I do with tags?”… maybe you could label a bottle.. or use it as a gift tag.. or  jazz up an otherwise boring vase

And while we’re talking tags… for our 4th anniversary this year I realised I had no card for Chad… so I made one using a copy of one of our wedding photos on one side and my message on the back:)

And… inspired by Belinda from The Happy Home and her “behind the styling photos” where we admit that life is not quite as perfect as our images may suggest… Here is what was lovingly wrapped in the brown paper package. Chicken Stock? For me? You shouldn’t have!

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Mardi Haworth - I think they are pretty. Could be gorgeous on Chrissy presents this year? I like to wrap all my gifts with a theme…. sad but true!

hind - i love it its great and simple idea

rebekah - Love them! I love wrapping in brown paper with twine… these tags would be a perfect addition… :)
Love the behind the scenes…

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