Home tour continues – the kitchen

Welcome to what was a very very.. very brown and dark kitchen.

But pull a wall down, install a shiny NEW kitchen and paint the walls our trusty Dulux Hogbristle quarter strength and voila!

So some of the details… The kitchen table is an old family piece found in the same house as the chest of drawers in our bedroom. The legs have changed colour a number of times, but they did need a freshen up with this bright aqua. The dining chairs are in the current Ikea catalogue.

The  wash stand with the pink tiles and marble top is also a family piece – it was a wedding present for my Great Aunt and Uncle! The kids table and chairs are also from Ikea, but I bought them second hand for $10 and painted them the same colour to match the “big” table.

The light fitting… is… hideous and original to the house. We just haven’t found the right one to replace yet, but when we do it’ll hang lower over the dining table.

I’ve seen lots of these suburb/ train line signs.. this one is actually another tea towel stretched over a canvas (total artwork cost about $8) and he names on it are  special to me as an “Inner-West girl” – you can take the girl out of the Inner-West.. yeah, you know the saying. Ooh and I loooove my chalkboard teapot – we picked this up on our Melbourne trip.

And because I ALWAYS want to know what are in other people’s drawers I thought I’d share what are in a couple of mine!  If you’re designing a kitchen I can’t recommend big drawers like this enough. They are absolutely the easiest way to store plates and saucepans and you never have to get down on your hands and knees and reach around the back of a cupboard looking for that saucepan lid!

A little more “behind the styling”… so.. yeah.. my “perfect” kitchen still had dirty dishes in the sink!

I’m sure there are a lot more details I could have added in to this post, but frankly, I’m lazy! Feel free to ask any questions if you have them and I’ll point you in the direction of where I got things:)

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lou - Jess- how great does your house look!!?? I love it, you clever thing. I also LOVE the Sydney suburb tea towel/picture. Where can I get a tea towel? Anywhere online? I’d love hang something like that in my little flat here in Berlin.
Hope all is well and happy with you and your boys.

Gail - We had that exact light fitting in our dining room 33 years ago – and we chose it!! It was very swish because you could pull it down over the table if you needed to, and then push it back up. You have done a great job as usual, Jess.

jess - Our does the same thing Gail! Jonty was scared of it when we first showed him how it works, but now it’s a major novelty.. for him, not us!

Lou! I know the place I got it from doesn’t sell them anymore, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them for you! I agree.. every German kitchen should have one :)

Sabrina - Hey Jess, Great Kitchen. Can’t wait to be able to design/renovate a kitchen or entire house.
If in your travels you ever come across an Irish suburb/city/train line sign/tea towel/whatever, please let me know. Sx

EDP - Hey I LOVE the lamp! I would totally keep it. Maybe you could paint it or refurbish it? But I love the shape. Don’t toss it, sell it if you replace it!

Tamara - Hi Jess, you’ve done a great job! I’m also looking for similar tea towels, if you find some more can you let me know where from? Ta

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