Family mini-break – embracing the camera

We just got back from a couple of days away in Bowral (about an hour or so south of Sydney). It’s one of my all time favourite places for a mini break. This trip was slightly more eventful than normal… the place we stayed at has a wonderful big duckpond/ lake… Jonty loved it. A little too much. He went straight up and walked in – fully clothed – face first. I dived straight in after him and yanked him out of the freezing water. We were both fine after we got warm and dry, but it took a good while to get over the shock of it all. It certainly made me reflect on how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

No more than ever have I embraced my boy, whether or not there was a camera there to embrace. Happily there was a camera there to capture the cuddles afterwards and turns out I should give the camera to Chad more often. He takes great photos!

A proud moment for Chad – His son about to come out to bat at the Don Bradman Cricket Oval in Bowral. well ok, not really out to bat, but maybe one day:)

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Wendy - Adorable pictures!

ourmustardseedlife - what a cute family and sweet little man!

katie - That last photo is amazing. I love the photos of you with your little guy, too. Glad you got to get away for a break.

Ruthie Hart - how fun! I forget that it is winter in Aussie :-)

Jami - These are truly stunning!

esther - great pictures! … as i sit here in 95 degree weather i’m oddly jealous at your frisky weather. and also- how good you all look when it’s cold out.

Mum and Dad - These are lovely. Please, please, can we have them to print?

Family Lawyer Melbourne - That is one big house, great photography.

Angel - So scary!! So glad you were right there with him to fish him out of the pond! Your family is really beautiful!

lisa jay - Oh I’m so glad Jonty was OK! Your heart must have been racing. He sure is cute. xx

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