The big blog post for the little man party

WARNING WARNING.. loooong self indulgent blog post ahead. Read on at own risk!

Hey look, it’s not my fault. Tina (my Joyess Images partner) took sooooo many great photos and I wanted to share them ALL. (ok, I’m really not sharing all 300+ of them.. so be thankful for that.) Here we go..

I made pretty much all the decorations for this party including the invitation which you can see over here. The bits I did buy (cupcake cases, straws, napkins) were all pretty easy to source. Black and white is a safe theme to add another colour to!

I am tres proud of the cake:)It was a 4 layer (choc-vanilla-choc-vanilla) cake with vanilla frosting. All from a packet, but you know what, if Betty Crocker ain’t broke, don’t (not use or) fix her! The moustached “two” on top of the cake I made from fondant icing and the mini bunting I whipped up the night before (when all great projects are completed).

I clearly got very good use out of my moustache cookie cutter – not only did I make cookies on a stick, but it also came in handy to cut out the finger sandwiches too! These were ham-mayo-rocket for the big kids and cheese-vegemite for the little ones. Oh yes, and the macarons? Packet mix too! I think I am having a love affair with Donna Hay’s new packet mixes (I first saw them over here and had to try them).

The popcorn was a massive hit with the kiddos (I’d like to think it was because they were packaged so sweetly with labels made by me.. but really it was the salty, buttery goodness).

and… I’m pretty sure Jonty had about 45 of these juices. Even though there were only a dozen there on the day I’m still sure he had 45.

A moustache themed party seemed the perfect excuse for a photo booth set up…

they didn’t take too much convincing:). Jump back here to see more of the funny photobooth pics.

Yeah.. so… the party was all set up and going super well when.. the rain started. Luckily my hubby (and sis-in-law with the cake) was on hand to escort everyone into the man cave (his newly refurbed garage) and out of the rain.

Jonty meanwhile added to his outfit with a very manly purse.

Some of the cutie guests.

Mummy only planned one game…

but that didn’t matter because after the rain the MUD was all the fun they needed!

He wasn’t too sure about the candles.

The thank you bags had moustache shaped chocolates on sticks (incredibly easy to make) and for the boys one of these tees and for the girls a pink version of this tee.

A family photo was easier said than done when there was mud to be played in. Ah well. Turns out we could have just had a mud pie party… must remember that for next year!

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Mum and Dad - The dancin’ in the mud was obviously the best part of the day!

kari - Hi, I love,love,love your son’s shirt (with the suspenders and bow). Would you be able to tell me where I can buy it? thanks much, Kari

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