How does she do it…?

Is a question that is often asked of me. How do I manage to do all the craft-y, design-y, photography-y things that I do and have a 2 year old at the same time? Well the first answer would really be Sleep Deprivation. Mainly, everything happens at night, when the Little (and often the Big) Man is asleep. The second answer would be… iPhone/ iPad and The Wiggles. Jonty is completely and utterly of his generation. He is more competent on the iPhone than even his own father (although at least he doesn’t know how to make calls yet.. although he has been known to answer a few!) and he thrashes both of us at Angry Birds.

One of the best discoveries we (really he) made was YouTube and ENDLESS Wiggles videos! Ahhh… some afternoons they save my sanity! (and some they send me insane… WHY does Dorothy eat roses and WHY hasn’t Jeff been to see a specialist about his sleep apnoea and WHY does Anthony start to think he’s an amazing dancer in all the later episodes)

One such afternoon I captured these images of this occurrence.

We do get out and go to the park too – I promise:)

see… dirty fingernails prove we were out in the garden earlier that day.

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Rebekah - I love your honesty! We too have an avid iPhone user! Late nights are also the only thing left for this Mumma with too many hobbies! You do an amazing job Jess! PS. We’re off to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Might post pics to prove we ‘get out’ too!

Rebekah - PS. Any Father’s Day ideas?!

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