A Very Handmade (ish) Christmas

This year I’ve been pretty disorganised regarding Christmas. A combination of v. busy businesses, a cuckoo-nuts two year old and it just being that time of the year has left me quickly scrambling to get my house “just so” in time for Christmas. Turns out I can kinda pull it together in a few days. Mainly because I already had about 90% of the stuff hidden in a box under the house, but also I had some help from some wonderful handmade and small businesses and I even worked my own fingers nearly to the bone!

So welcome to our home! Be prepared to be ordered to keep calm and merry on as soon as you enter the front door. I made these embroidery hoops while away on holiday last week. They were super easy with pre cut and pre sticky letters.

Left is my gorgeous white tree from Savannah Lane that I picked up at the first ever Babushka Market last month, right are some plain old jars that I jazzed up with fabric tape from Jilli & James and in the middle are my first ever (of many… as you will see) purchase from Milly Molly Mandy – a sweet felt star mobile.

Here’s our Christmas corner:) I must direct your eyes to the divine (ok, not Christmassy, but still divine!) Little House Cushion from Little Village Handmade at the bottom right of the pic. I feel pretty lucky to have one of these in our home – they go super fast whenever Jo has had a chance to make them (in between wrangling 3 littlies!!)

Ornament time! Left is one (of NINE!) of the custom felt letters I had made for our family this Christmas from Milly Molly Mandy and right is one of her Gingerbread men – love him! In the middle is one of the clay stars I made last year. Only Jonty’s and Chad’s survived… mine got bitten by a certain then 16 month old… hopefully he won’t eat any ornaments this year!

Last week on holidays I also made Jonty’s Santa Sack. I love how festive it looks!

Pressie time! This years wrapping features white butchers paper from Ikea, a little bit of stripy ribbon from Typo, hessian tree support webbing tape (random!!) from Bunnings and gorgeous tags from Little Muse. This girl is seriously talented. I almost couldn’t bring myself to put these tags on the pressies because I wanted to keep them! I personalised each of the tags using my little stamp set.
So that’s my 2011 Christmas wrap (see what I did there?) up! Please go and check out all the linked pages and people above and keep them in mind for your decorating next year – not just for Christmas but all the year through and as always, I encourage you to try your hand at making things your self. Believe it or not, it is fun and rewarding!

Happy Christmas from me to you and see you in 2012!


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Jonty’s new (again) room » joyessdesigns.com - [...] and WAHMs on Facebook is the very clever Shannon from Milly Molly Mandy. If you pop back to my Christmas blog post you’ll see just how much I love her work! I picked up this felt garland from her a couple of [...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Oh me Oh my, it’s been over a MONTH since I blogged last, but I think I have a great one for you today.

Been working on too many things to count, but SO glad to be sharing my boys Christmas collection with you. A clearly “willing” model helped me with the photos as you can see…

The Christmas Party Tank, the Very Vestive Tee and the Merry Mo Tank make up the collection which is clearly aimed at those of us celebrating the festive season in the Southern Hemisphere! Which is your fav?

ps. You’d think I could’ve brushed his hair!

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lisa jay - Your (not so) willing model is cute & is growing up! I really like the braces & bow tie one.

Lisa Froon - Hi,
I’ve been looking everywhere for a top like the vest one for my little man..
Do you sell them still and how much are they?? And what sizes do you have..
Cheers Lisa

jess - Hi Lisa! So sorry – only just saw this message. I can do a custom order for a vestie tee – if you’d like to contact me through the contact form we can chat options :) Jess

Embrace the Camera – it’s been a while

Mainly it’s been a while because I’ve been silly busy. You know that kind of busy where you actually don’t even know what you’re doing or why and you forget to eat or you sit and eat chocolate biscuits because you justify the dairy in the chocolate as nutritious. Yeah, that’s been me.

But this morning I took a break and tested out the camera (the one on the front, not the good one on the back) of my new iPhone 4s and had some help from Jonty.

These pics make me smile. And get a little teary if the right music is playing in the background.

I think I need a sleep.

Hop over to Emily’s blog to read more about embracing the camera. It really is a cool thing to remember to do;)

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Mum and Dad - Sign him up for NIDA

So I was clearing out my cupboard…

…and I found some half finished singlets from seriously about 2 years ago. This is what happens when you move numerous times in a couple of short years. Things go into boxes, then out of boxes, then in drawers, then get hidden under stuff and then all of a sudden one day they are a lovely little surprise waiting for you!

I finished off the applique on them and added a little lacey detail to the shoulders. Then I found the cutest little brunette model I know and had her swan around in them while I snapped some pics.

These three and three more will be for sale on the Joyess Facebook page shortly – I think they are so cute for summer!

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Little Man for Sale!

Ok, no. I’m not selling Jonty. Well not today anyway. The real and VERY exciting news is that my Little Man party design is now for sale!

All the printables can be purchased in one big PDF file for you to print and cut out/ stick on/ tie on yourself. Pop over to Modern Printables (created by the very clever Steph from Bondville) to read about it and to the Modern Printable Shop to purchase this and more gorgeous printables!

If you need a reminder… here’s just some of what his party looked like and you can see some of the very printables that are for sale in these pics:


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Steph Bond Hutkin (Bondville) - What a fabulous party stationery collection. You go Jess!