pretties for pretties… more of the collection

I do love my little man with all my heart, but it’s nice to spend an afternoon with some more little girls. They’re just.. so… pretty! These two sisters helped me today by modelling a little more of the Spring/ Summer collection.

Three more Lucy Summer Sets..

Still proving to be popular with trips to the mailbox…

And some Frilly Long Tops (which clearly double perfectly as mini dresses for this warmer weather) that look so much better on little dancing and giggling bodies than on a hanger!

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for snap sales of these pretties


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The beginnings of a Spring/ Summer collection

I feel like a wanker calling it a “collection” but that is what it will be! The Spring weather here in Sydney has been (as my mother would say) “glorious” and I have been completely inspired by it to start the Joyess Spring/ Summer collection. Yes, admittedly, the inspiration did come at 11.30pm last night… and finished at about 3.30am, but well… it was worth it!

Here are two designs that will be available in limited sizes and fabric combinations over the next few weeks – keep an eye out on my Facebook page for opportunities to buy. I sadly won’t be taking any custom order for these ones as I would like to just enjoy making them as and when I have the time over what is about to be a tres busy time.

Firstly: THE LILY SHORTS – headband and tee included (tee yet to be appliqued with two matching little hearts).

I had to name these shorts after their model as they suited her to a tee – I was inwardly squealing when she put them on! They are slightly high waisted with the tie sewn in at the back so it doesn’t get lost in the wash!)

Good for running around and playing in the garden..

… also good for jumping on the bed:)

And secondly : THE LUCY SUMMER SET – features a high waisted skirt with sewn in tie and matching appliqued bow tee

Great for a trip to the letterbox…

Or for posing in a tree waiting for Aunty Jess to stop taking photos..

Eeeee! I love her!

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rebekah - Oh my! Jess, I really love your ‘collection’ – simply divine! And I love that you’re always able to find something unique that hasn’t been ‘done’ all over f’book! :) I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled at Joyess
PS. I am still grinning and laughed out loud that you wrote ‘wanker’! hahaha! Perhaps that one’s not as your mother would say ;) Happy sewing… enjoy! :)

jess - haha you are right Bek – probably not a word my mother would tend to use… although in her old age, who knows! Thanks for the compliments too – it means a lot to be seen making original things – hard to do now that FB is around!

Fathers Day… twinnies!

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day here in Aus. I REALLY wanted to share this Father’s Day craft idea with you before then, but I know that Chad reads this blog and didn’t want to ruin the surprise! This year, in addition to an edger for the garden and some DVDs (what exciting lives we lead), I decided to make some matching tees for the Big and Little Man. I could have written “I love Dad” or “My Dad is the Best” which would have been lovely, but you know, why not have a joke at Chad’s expense? (can’t you just feel the love oozing through these words right now?). Ever since the first Charlie’s Angels movie was released I suspect every Chad in the world has cursed Tom Green for calling himself “The Chad”… but for me, it never gets old:)

So anyway, onto the crafty bit… These were made very simply with T-shirt transfer paper that you pop through your inkjet printer and then iron onto the tee. I could have done a tutorial, but really, I don’t want to insult your intelligence – it really is ridiculously easy!

And here are the boys at work and play in their matching outfits.. The matching jeans and shoes were a coincidence. Chad said when realised they were matching he didn’t go and change because he knew I was loving it. Awww… isn’t he the best? I guess I could make a tee for myself that says “The Chad is The Best”… maybe next year:)

Chad: Loving life.. and being kicked in the face.

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hind - love it :) so nice

Mardi Haworth - Awesome! I can feel a Christmas idea coming to me now… Simon, prepare yourself for some serious matching with the girls. xo

Mum and Dad - Gorgeous! Brought tears to our eyes.

Daisy - Hi from your newest reader… This is the best fathers day idea ever! Good on u. Btw may I know what font you use that says happy fathers day next to the photo? TIA

How does she do it…?

Is a question that is often asked of me. How do I manage to do all the craft-y, design-y, photography-y things that I do and have a 2 year old at the same time? Well the first answer would really be Sleep Deprivation. Mainly, everything happens at night, when the Little (and often the Big) Man is asleep. The second answer would be… iPhone/ iPad and The Wiggles. Jonty is completely and utterly of his generation. He is more competent on the iPhone than even his own father (although at least he doesn’t know how to make calls yet.. although he has been known to answer a few!) and he thrashes both of us at Angry Birds.

One of the best discoveries we (really he) made was YouTube and ENDLESS Wiggles videos! Ahhh… some afternoons they save my sanity! (and some they send me insane… WHY does Dorothy eat roses and WHY hasn’t Jeff been to see a specialist about his sleep apnoea and WHY does Anthony start to think he’s an amazing dancer in all the later episodes)

One such afternoon I captured these images of this occurrence.

We do get out and go to the park too – I promise:)

see… dirty fingernails prove we were out in the garden earlier that day.

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Rebekah - I love your honesty! We too have an avid iPhone user! Late nights are also the only thing left for this Mumma with too many hobbies! You do an amazing job Jess! PS. We’re off to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Might post pics to prove we ‘get out’ too!

Rebekah - PS. Any Father’s Day ideas?!

To market.. to market..

…well hopefully not to buy a fat pig.. but rather to pick up some Joyess goodies!

I attended my very first market as a stallholder on the weekend (hence the quiet on the blog for so long… have been trying to get stuff made in readiness!) and had a great time! It’s impossible to predict firstly if anyone will actually come to the market and then what (if anything!) of yours they like enough to buy! I’m glad to say that many people in fact did like my things and some even went home with a little Joyess to brighten their day.

Now I know what you’re thinking…”but I don’t live anywhere NEAR those markets! How on earth can I get my hands on some of those Joyess Goodies??” Have no fear! head over to the Joyess Facebook Page and like it so you can pick up one or two (or many) lovelies at the Market Night – Wednesday August 24th @ 8pm AEST.

Here are just a few of the pretties up for sale:

have fun shopping!


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Mum and Dad - jess – the girls’ stuff ended up looking great!